Mélissa Theuriau on Jamel Debbouze: “I admire him enormously”



Guest of the show “En Aparté”, Mélissa Theuriau confided in her relationship with Jamel Debbouze with whom she has been married for 14 years.

Mélissa Theuriau makes a few confidences. Guest of the show “As an aside “Broadcast this Tuesday on Canal +, the 43-year-old journalist took the opportunity to discuss her return to “On the board!” on C8 and his career on television. But she also indulged in a few statements about her relationship with Jamel Debbouze, her husband for almost 14 years and the father of her two children Léon (14) and Lila (11).
If she revealed to be “the bad guy” in the house, the mother considers herself very lucky to have the 46-year-old comedian by her side. “I met someone whom I admire enormously, who continues to impress me with his independence of spirit, with his freedom. I learn a lot from him,” she said. Another positive point for the actress: the very fluid communication with her husband. “We talk a lot and we debate. We sometimes have opinions, not opposed, but ultimately complementary. It is always very rich”.
If Jamel Debbouze is not afraid to appear in front of thousands of people, the presence of his wife in the theater still manages to destabilize him. “Often I don’t say when I’m coming. It continues to disturb him a little (…) my opinion counts, as his also counts. It’s also about continuing to maintain what binds us, as long as there is admiration and a desire to please the other, it continues to touch me.

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