Memoirs of Prince Harry: King Charles III hopes his son will not cross “the red line”

The countdown begins ! Eight days from publication memoir of prince harry, Buckingham Palace remains on guard. Will the Duke of Sussex crossing the red line talking about Camilla Parker Bowles ? Its publisher promises that Spare (the substitute, in French) is a story “intimate and sincere” and one “honest and captivating personal portrait”. But King Charles III fears that his caddy takes it out on Camilla Parker Bowles, despite his warningsemphasizes the DailyMailthis Monday, January 2.

At Daily Beast, a friend of the queen consort already explained last October:That Harry takes on Charles, that’s one thing, he’ll be able to cash it, but if Harry forces him to take sides by jumping at Camilla’s throat, in his book, there’s no doubt that Charles will choose Camilla“. Jennie Bond, expert on the British monarchy at The Mirror, already assured about his series on Netflix: “It seems unlikely that Charles III will react publicly to the Harry and Meghan documentary, unless they’re directly targeting Camilla“.

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Charles III refuses to attack his own flesh and blood”

By attacking queen consort, Prince Harry knows he is in danger of not be invited to his father’s coronation who hopes “although a rapprochement with his son and daughter-in-law is possible before the coronation of Saturday May 6“. Refusing that “counterblows be hurled against his own flesh and blood”, the 74-year-old monarch did not react to the broadcast of his documentary series Harry & Meghan on Netflixanalyzes the royal expert Dan Wootton in the columns of the Dailymail.

Before adding: The naive king still believes that a rapprochement with his son and his daughter-in-law is possible before the coronation of Saturday May 6“. Swaiting at a more aggressive reaction on his part, a royal source complains to Dan Wootton that Charles III “underestimates the mission Harry and Meghan have embarked oneither the destruction of the institution of the monarchy“.

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