Memorial Museum opens call for short film contest ¨Women of the Resistance

The Memorial Museum of the Dominican Resistance (MMRD) opened the call for the short film contest ¨Women of the Resistance 2022¨, which seeks to highlight the trajectory of dozens of valuable women who fought for democracy, rights and freedoms in the country.

The contest aims to keep alive in the Dominican people and in future generations the legacy of the women of the resistance, who played an important role both here and abroad in the conquests that the nation is experiencing today.

It also seeks to promote its history with historical significance and citizen awareness, based on stories, testimonies, artistic and cultural manifestations.

To carry out the work, the role played by women during the periods between 1916 and 1978, both in the country and abroad, should be taken into account, as would be the case of those who participated in the resistance from exile.

The audiovisuals must be unpublished with time from two to 14 minutes, with an additional 30 seconds to insert titles and credits, which must be presented until October 31.

During that time, those interested will have the opportunity to participate in master classes, where everything related to film training will be addressed, and whose participants will obtain additional points awarded by the jury in the final grade.


The jury will be made up of prominent personalities related to the world of cinema, audiovisual and art, selected by the Organizing Committee of the event, headed by the filmmaker Henriette Wiese.

The first three places will be selected according to the score obtained, awarding also the special categories: Animation, Best High School Student Work, Special Jury Prize, Museum Prize and Mobile Prize.

All the winning shorts will receive cash prizes and the dissemination of their work on networks and other festivals. To request the rules of the contest, you can do so through the email [email protected]