Men with their physical traits cheat more on their partners, according to a study

In the first week of the year, Shakira and Miley Cyrus released two songs that headed the first lists of the most listened to songs of the moment, the Colombian singer teamed up with the Argentine Bizarrap to make one of their famous ‘tiraderas’ against Gerard Piqué . Likewise, the American launched Flowers where she sent a forceful message to her ex, actor Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus and Shakira
The singers have let their feelings out through music. – Photo: Screenshot of video clips Miley Cirus and Shakira

Through social networks they do nothing but talk about the impact of these two empowered women who went out before the public to do what they know best how to sing from the soul.

The funny thing is that both Liam and Gerard have very similar physical characteristics, They are tall, stocky, good-looking, with blue eyes and blond hair. This gave rise to a particular, although, for many, ‘crazy’ theory that has gone viral in recent days.

They called him ‘do not trust men with light eyes and beards’ and one of the clips that is around the TikTok platform, can be viewed through the @mileyangelss account, as the photos of various celebrities appear who have been unfaithful to their partners.

Of course, Piqué could not be missing with his new girlfriend Clara Chía and also Liam with the conquest he had since his married season, Eiza González.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would have started their sentimental relationship for more than a year
Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would have started their sentimental relationship for more than a year – Photo: Instagram: Jordi Martin

Jake Gyllenhall also appeared, who betrayed Taylor Swift, Adam Levine who sent messages to other women, Justin Timberlake unfaithful when he was with Camero Díaz and Benjamín Vicuña accused of messing with China Suárez.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz had a 4-year relationship that ended in 2006.

In this regard, they ask that they look closely, because unfaithful men have beards and light eyes, the phenotype of Piqué and Liam Hemsworth. Beyond the absurd, a study from the University of Western Australia proved something similar: purportedly men with thick eyebrows, wide jaws and thin lips, ‘very masculine’ features, cheat more on their partners.

But watch out! Because although men are ‘exposed’, women are not. The researchers concluded that the women’s faces cannot identify that they were unfaithful.

What is certain is that male celebrities with these characteristics and men in general who possess these traits were charged. Among the comments of the women in the clip could be read: “But there is faith in Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth”, “Me seeing my husband at this precise moment”, “Oh and they are just so beautiful haha”, “Why that mine has brown eyes and no beard”, ”There are none of those where I live, so there is no problem”, ”The Norwegians seeing this…”

Piqué, amid rumors about a crisis with Clara Chía, was caught with the ex-girlfriend of the famous soccer player

The Mamarazzis and Jordi Martin, a renowned Spanish reporter, pointed out that Piqué would be very well with his current sentimental partner, contrary to what the versions said. However, the Catalan would have made an unexpected trip to France without his girlfriend, arousing new speculation regarding the moment they would go through in their union.

When it was confirmed that the athlete arrived in Paris to enjoy an NBA event, the attention of the curious focused on a report given by a well-known Telecinco program, which revealed that the Spaniard had been caught with a well-known model.

The Ana Rosa Program was in charge of showing images of the meeting that Gerard Piqué had with Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-partner, who was also at this celebration. The entertainment format commented a bit on this event, which let them see smiling and cordial when posing for a photo.

Irina Shayk, renowned model, accused of supporting the war against Ukraine, why?
Irina Shayk, renowned model, accused of supporting the war against Ukraine. – Photo: Instagram: @irinashayk

The businessman enjoyed the event, which is why several people came to him to take pictures and remember the meeting. Shayk also wanted to greet him and register the moment, so he took the opportunity to shake his hand and greet him in a very cordial and friendly way.

“Gerard met the ‘top model’ Irina Shayk, ex-girlfriend of another footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. A very quick, but very cordial meeting, they took a photo and, after posing, very smiling, they shook hands and said goodbye. Gerard Piqué enjoyed the game and when it was over, he went to party ”, the program reported, making it clear that this whole meeting was about something cool and far from personal interests.

In the images it was observed how the model withdrew from the place once the photo was taken, leaving Gerard in the place he had chosen to enjoy the sporting event.

In fact, the Ana Rosa Program portal mentioned that some youtubers reported a situation that happened with Piqué, who would be enjoying this visit to the capital of France to the fullest.

“It must be said that he has been the last one, he has knocked everyone down. He was full. We have gone because there was almost no one and he continued with his bottle of champagne ”, reported the newspaper, confirming what Jordi Martin mentioned about the party that the Catalan enjoyed.

The Spaniard would have spent that date in the company of his sentimental partner, Clara Chía, instead of supporting his son.
The Spaniard traveled to Paris to enjoy a sporting event. – Photo: Instagram @3gerardpique