Mentor Coral Mujaes confesses how she went from not knowing how to work to billing almost two million dollars

But life for her today is very different. She went from fighting her demons and “being useless”, as she herself says, to billing almost two million dollars.

“I come from not knowing how to make a peso. My parents supported me until I was thirty; I didn’t even know how to work. I was useless and had to learn from scratch. I say that I come from the basement, not even from the ground floor, right? but what have I done if I have created millions of dollars?”he maintains.

So what was it that happened?

She confesses that everything is in the way you think. “Everything is here, in the mind. My mind changed, I work hard, but my mind changed for that to happen.”

What she did, essentially, was change the beliefs she had about life, as well as organically understand how her brain works, since that allowed her to not fall into the same destructive habits of yesteryear.

His journey means, he says, the whole path of learning to turn his life around, reclaim his personal power and take back control of his own existence.

The success he has today was achieved largely because he learned to ask himself intelligent questions.

“The mind is the basis of everything. The value of beliefs is the maximum. You have to see that you have the right beliefs and that you are adopting them. Sometimes beliefs are not so obvious and you have to see the belief behind the belief. What I essentially did was change my beliefs.”he maintains.

She learned that the past was never going to be her future, that it would affect her to the extent that she allowed it.

“We are human beings with the power to choose, no matter how much they have beaten me, my parents have divorced or bullied me as a child. We have all suffered. We have a past and we have been told things that have hurt us. So what distinguishes a person who is successful from one who is not? That person understands that his past is there to use as a school, not as a reason or excuse why he is not successful today “he assures.