Merenguero Amarfis announces aspirations as deputy of Monte Plata

The veteran merenguero, leader of The Atakke Gang, Amarfis Aquino, announced that he will seek to reach the National Congress as a deputy for the People’s Force in order to legislate in favor of his native province, Monte Plata.

The announcement was made when participating in the patron saint festivities of the Sabana Grande de Boyá municipality, which was received by those present with great excitement.

“I am going to legislate so that there is greater justice in the distribution of wealth in our country and, of course, that it reaches the most needy, especially my province of Monte Plata for being one of the poorest,” Amarfis explained in a note. press.
Likewise, Aquino promised to legislate so that all young people have access to quality education and are better prepared to contribute to the development of their communities.

“In Congress I will be the voice of my people who have so many limitations. That will be the way to repay the support that you have given me for years, ”he pointed out.

The merenguero, who for at least four years decided to return to his Dominican Republic from the United States, explained that he will seek the seat from the Fuerza del Pueblo because he understands that former president Leonel Fernández is one of the leaders who has contributed the most to the development of the country and the one that invested the most in the so-called “emerald” province.