Messy trial makes even judges laugh

Bushido (front) together with his lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe in January 2021

Bushido (front) together with his lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe in January 2021 archive image: / Olaf Wagner

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Luke Grybowski

Even the presiding judge, Martin Mrosk, couldn’t help but laugh at the end of the hearing on Monday. However, this was mainly due to the many problems and coordination difficulties that arose on the 69th day of the trial in the case between rapper Bushido, his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker and his three brothers before the Berlin district court. Because on Monday morning a witness and also a witness were missing.

“Mr. Ferchichi will not be in Germany on Wednesday”

Bushido’s lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe on the demand that the rapper should appear in court on Wednesday.

That’s what the process is about

According to the indictment, criminal offenses are said to have occurred after Bushido wanted to dissolve the business relationship in 2017. According to the indictment, Arafat Abou-Chaker did not want to accept this and demanded that Bushido pay millions and participate in his music business for 15 years. The rapper was threatened, insulted, locked up and injured. The brothers, aged 39, 42 and 49, are charged as accomplices or accomplices.

Ex-employee of the property management does not appear at the Bushido process

The court actually wanted to hear Ms. S. from the Bergmannsglück property management company, but she did not appear in court.

During the course of the morning, the presiding judge said that on his first call he was told that the property manager would not provide any information. During a brief interruption of the process, Mrosk received the information in a telephone call that Ms. S. no longer worked there.

In addition to Ms. S., Mr. L. was to be questioned as a further witness. He is also said to work in property management, but did not appear in court either.

Bergmannsglück is a residential complex on the outskirts of Berlin in Rüdersdorf, Brandenburg. Bushido and Arafat bought a total of 98 apartments there in 2010, ranging in size from 43 to 94 square meters. A real estate manager testified in the process at the beginning of March.

In order to clarify how to deal with the property and the company founded especially for it after the business separation, the two were already in front of the Frankfurt/Oder district court in 2018. At that time, Bushido was obliged to pay Arafat a severance payment of 126,000 euros.

After Abou-Chaker appealed to the higher regional court in Brandenburg an der Havel, the two agreed in early December 2021 on the sum of 1.4 million euros that Bushido had to pay to Arafat in order to be entered in the land register as the sole owner to let.

Shindy’s testimony is delayed again

Instead of hearing witnesses, the presiding judge Mrosk gave an insight into the coming days of the trial and which witnesses are to be heard there.

Initially, it was planned that Shindy, another artist who was under contract with Bushido’s label “Ersguterjunge”, would testify on Wednesday.

A month ago, Michael Schindler, as the rapper is called by his real name, was summoned to court. However, he did not appear at the time because his lawyer had contracted the corona virus and he himself would have had symptoms.

Now the 33-year-old will not appear in Berlin again because his legal counsel is unable to do so on Wednesday, said Judge Mrosk.

Richter is surprised by Bushido’s travel plans

Instead, Bushido should appear before the court again after some time on Wednesday. Because it should be about the soundtrack that “Stern” published about two months ago and which could mean a spectacular turnaround in the case.

The sound recording paints a completely different picture than the events described by Bushido. Neither threats against the rapper, nor other violent arguments such as flying chairs or hitting a water bottle can be heard.

According to Bushido, the meeting would have lasted four hours, but the audio recording ends after two hours with a farewell.

According to the presiding judge, the plan was to hear the recording on Wednesday in the court in the presence of Bushido. Only problem: “Mr. Ferchichi will not be in Germany on Wednesday“, said his lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe to everyone’s astonishment.

Judge Mrosk couldn’t help but laugh and interrupted the hearing for ten minutes, after which the new schedule was announced. This now stipulates that Mr. L. testifies from the real estate management on Wednesday, and an attempt is also made to inform Ms. S. about her court summons.

It is still unclear when the explosive sound recording and the evaluation of an expert will be presented.

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