Mexican celebrities: José Eduardo Derbez reveals one of the worst moments between Eugenio and Victoria Ruffo | SHOWS

The actor José Eduardo Derbez made controversial revelations about the relationship between his famous parents Eugenio Derbez Y Victoria Ruffo.

“I don’t remember beautiful moments of the three… but ugly ones,” he remarked, after mentioning that he remembers the day his father left home in the middle of a couple’s fight.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, José Eduardo recalled some episodes of his childhood and one in particular when his father, Eugenio, picked him up at school without permission, which sparked a tremendous fight that José Eduardo assures: “surely there was even a slap” .

“It was very ugly. I understand there was a restriction at the time; My mom had to give permission for me to see my dad and according to me, the school knew about it. My mother had spoken with the school to explain to them that Rocío was passing by, that she was the nanny; the driver, Víctor or she for me, nothing more”, José Eduardo recalled.

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“And my dad, because of his bones, decided to pick me up at school, skipping the judge and the permits. I had no idea of ​​the situation that was happening; I was happy to see my dad, ”he said.

After spending part of the day with his father, José Eduardo remembers seeing his father’s worried face when looking at the phone.

“We went to eat at a place in Polanco, we were talking very comfortably and suddenly I did see that many calls were coming and he was not answering the phone. Obviously, for my mother it must have been horrible when she found out that her son was not there and that they had picked him up at school, ”she recounted.

When Eugenio finally took his son – eight years old at the time – with Victoria Ruffo, he met a very annoying woman.

He confessed that he never understood how his parents fell in love when they were such opposite people. “I’m a fan of my mother,” she stated.