Mhoni Seer predicts the winner of The House of Famous 2

A few days before the start of the second season of La Casa de los Famosos, Mhoni Vidente has already predicted who will be the winner.

In a live broadcast that she made from the El Heraldo account, the Mexican assured that Niurka Marcos will be the winner in the reality show and therefore will take the prize of 200 thousand dollars “that they will like him very well so that he buys other things”as stated.

The futurologist also assured that the Cuban “will to give a lot to talk about when I enter” although he recognized that no one will be able to knock her down, mainly due to her strong character.

Mhoni also predicted great news for the Cuban, although this time related to her private life: “Niurka, you are going to be a grandmother”he affirmed and also believed that the actress will be a very dedicated person to her future grandchildren.

After it was confirmed that the artist was one of the members of the famous Telemundo reality show, La Casa de los Famosos 2, she herself told her followers: “This is going to get very honest and transparent” since to “all people who hide their nature” will take care of removing the masks.