Michael Jackson’s children, Prince and Paris, paid tribute to the singer at the 2022 Tony Awards (photos) | Famous

In 1997, Michael Jackson, recently reborn as his identical doppelganger, made his fatherhood debut with the birth of his firstborn son, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

His eldest son, better known as Prince Jackson, came into this world on February 13, 1997, and, despite having experience as an actor, his current interest is in being a film director.

A year later, on April 3, 1998, their daughter Paris Jackson was born. His two children are the result of his marriage to Debbie Rowe, with whom he was married from 1996 to 1999. Later, in 2002, his son Prince Michael Jackson II, currently known as Bigi, was born via surrogacy.

Over the years, each of his children has built their own path, with Paris being the only one who followed in his father’s footsteps and debuted as a singer with his musical group The Soundflowers. She is also a model and actress.

Because of Paris’s professional profile, her appearance at Hollywood events is more frequent. However, in June 2022, she was surprised to be accompanied by her older brother, Prince.

Michel Jackson’s children, Prince and Paris, paid tribute to the singer at the 2022 Tony Awards

On June 12, 2022, the Tony Awards were held, awards that recognize the work of Broadway plays and musicals. This year, one of the productions that shone at the award ceremony was ‘MJ the Musical’, which tells the story of Michael Jackson and presents several of his greatest hits on stage.

In honor of his father, his children Paris and Prince made an appearance at these important awards in which the musical dedicated to their father received 10 nominations, of which he won four; among them the best actor in a musical for the work of Myles Frost, 22, who plays the iconic singer in the Broadway production and was crowned the youngest actor to win this award.

In addition to their time on the red carpet of the 2020 Tony Awards, the children of Michael Jackson had a brief but significant presence on stage, with which they paid tribute to their father.

“Many people seem to think that our father, Michael Jackson, changed pop music forever. And who are we to disagree? But what people may not know is that he loved musicals, on film and in theater. stage,” Prince said.

Michael Jackson’s eldest son highlighted the incredible honor it meant for them to be able to present the first nominee for best musical of the night: ‘MJ’. Later, his sister took the floor and introduced the performance of ‘Smooth Criminal’ by the cast of ‘MJ the Musical’.

This presentation was not unknown to the brothers, who attended the opening night of ‘MJ’, on February 1, 2022.

In recent years, Paris and Prince have attended one or two social events a year in the entertainment industry together. However, their younger brother, Bigi, does not usually accompany them. Unlike them, Michael’s youngest son prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Bigi does not have public social networks, although a few years ago he launched his Film Family YouTube channel, where he talked about movies with his brother Prince and his cousin Taj (son of Tito Jackson). However, the last video of her on this platform was published in March 2020.