Michael Schulte: This is the family of the German ESC star

He was our star for Lisbon and finally put an end to the long ESC dry spell in 2018. Already at his side back then: Katharina – today the mother of his two children

If you look at the German ESC rankings in recent years, the word “Mau” inevitably pops up in some people’s heads. In other words: since Lena Meyer-Landrut (30) won in 2010, things just don’t really go well for us at the Grand Prix. The nation was all the happier when Michael Schulte finally put an end to the long dry spell in Oslo in 2018. With his soulful song “You Let Me Walk Alone”, the 32-year-old sang his way to fourth place in Lisbon – and a short time later he also had every reason to be happy privately.

With microphone & webcam: This is how the career of the ESC star began

The career of the likeable curly head begins long before his appearance at the ESC, but not on a small stage, but in his youth room. In front of a solid wood cabinet. Back then, the Flensburg native recorded cover songs with a webcam and a cheap microphone, which he then uploaded to YouTube – with success. The first people soon became aware of Michael’s goose bumps voice. One of them was none other than Raemonn singer Rea Garvey (49). In 2011 he invited Michael to sing a song together at the Kiel Week – and in the same year the two met again: at the casting show “The Voice of Germany”. Also in the season: hit giant Max Giesinger (32).

You all know Michael’s best friend

The two singers become friends and even live together in a flat share for five years. And so it is hardly surprising that Michael chooses his best friend as best man. Only a month after his fourth place at the Eurovision Song Contest, the then 28-year-old married his longtime girlfriend Katharina in front of the old town hall in Buxtehude. She was wearing a fairy boho dress and a wreath of flowers, he was wearing a casual shirt and bow tie. The cute photo of the newlyweds with their groomsmen has been liked over 17,000 times on Instagram. Back then, Michael’s son was number one, already hidden in the mail.

Michael Schulte: These are his two sons

In August 2018, Michael’s eldest son Luis was born, in March 2021 baby number two. Just in time for the release day of his single “Stay”, Lenny Schulte saw the light of day shortly after midnight. And even if Katharina and Michael don’t show their children’s faces on social media, the fans can always look forward to sweet snapshots of the family – like at the beginning of the year. The musician took a break and traveled through South Africa with his small family for six weeks.

All important transmission dates of the ESC 2022

  • Thursday, May 12, 2022: Second ESC semi-final from 9 p.m. on eurovision.de, ONE and in the ARD media library
  • Saturday, May 14, 2022: “Countdown for Turin” from 8:15 p.m. with Barbara Schöneberger live on eurovision.de, Das Erste, ONE and in the ARD media library
  • ESC final from 9 p.m. live on eurovision.de, Das Erste, ONE, Deutsche Welle and in the ARD media library
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