Michael Wendler: After moving out – now the train makes fun of him

Michael Wendler should no longer live in the house – ex-business partner suspects “fear of the authorities”

According to the “Bild” report on Wednesday, Michael Wendler, who, according to his ex-manager Markus Krampe, has 1.2 million tax debts with the German tax office, is said to have paid the rent for the house mentioned above by the end of September , he apparently no longer lives in said apartment building.

Manager Timo Berger, who once worked closely with Michael Wendler, suspects “Bild”: “I think his early departure is a clear indication that he wanted to quickly change his whereabouts out of fear of the US authorities.”

Timo Berger, who also faced the singer in court after a quarrel, further claims: “I last met him in April in front of his house. He seemed very disturbed to me and, as he always does when I appear, is in front of me escaped into the house.”

According to information from “Bild”, Michael Wendler is only said to have sold his house in Cape Coral for $890,000 last year. Instead of using it to pay off his debts, he bought a new property. In the “Bild” he said at the time: “The real estate market is burning here and of course you should use it.” A planning application has not yet been submitted for the property purchased.

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