Michael Wendler has had enough: now he is drawing consequences

That was a guest appearance of short duration. There was a big surprise at Christmas among Michael Wendler’s fans. The former hit star and current conspiracy theorist cheated his way back to Instagram as a kind of Christmas present for his followers.

Michael Wendler’s profile was actually blocked, but the singer with the distinctive beard greeted the social media service again happily at Christmas. Together with partner Laura Müller, Wendler celebrated the birth of Jesus and sent a more or less tasteful picture in front of the Christmas tree.

Michael Wendler blocked again directly from Instagram

It quickly became clear: Wendler had skilfully circumvented the Instagram block by simply taking over his dogs’ profile and renaming it “der_michael_wendler”. But the resourceful singer, who once celebrated great success with songs like “She loves the DJ” or “Egal”, was quickly brought back to earth.

By the afternoon of Boxing Day, the profile had already disappeared. If you clicked on the profile, it just said that the person could no longer be found. Instagram immediately blocked Wendler’s new profile. As won, as quickly melted again.

On Telegram, Wendler freaked out about the renewed blocking. “After a few hours, Instagram blocked my new account for no reason whatsoever. Christmas greetings were probably enough for a blocking. That’s enough. My lawyers will now take action against Instagram, which is behaving in a completely legal manner,” Michael Wendler wailed on his profile. Well, then we can be curious how the feud between Wendler and Instagram will turn out. His wife Laura Müller had certainly imagined the holidays to be more relaxed.

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And since Wendler is now blocked on Instagram, he is now trying other ways. The singer reported back via Twitter in the early evening. When asked by a fan when he would be releasing new music, the 50-year-old replied: “Maybe a new album will come in 2023.”