Michael Wendler: Incident in Essen! “It can get a lot worse”

Michael Wendler: Crude warning to citizens of Essen – “It can get much worse”

03/19/2022 at 9:59 p.m

This is Michael Wendler

This is Michael Wendler

He is one of the most polarizing pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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That Michael Wendler hasn’t been just a pop singer for a long time, that should have become clear to the last one by now.

First the singer doubted the existence of the corona virus, then he compared Germany to a concentration camp and the war in Ukraine is not what we think it would be, either Michael Wendler.

Michael Wendler warns Essen citizens

Now the former pop star, who now lives in the USA with his wife Laura Müller and two dogs, is also worried about the people from the Ruhr city of Essen.

On his Telegram channel, Wendler picked up the news from the radio station “Radio Essen” about a power outage in Altenessen that lasted almost 40 minutes.

Michael Wendler exaggerates the power failure message

At the Wendler, however, the power outage was not just 40 minutes long, but lasted more than six hours in several places. Where these places were and what they were called, the singer kept to himself.


Michael Wendler: This is what you need to know about the singer

  • Michael Wendler grew up in Dinslaken
  • The singer became famous with the song “She loves the DJ”.
  • He even made it as a juror for DSDS
  • After several crude statements about the corona virus, he flew out of RTL
  • Wendler is with Laura Müller
  • Laura was already naked in Playboy


But Wendler wouldn’t be Wendler if he didn’t try to make a deal out of everything. “Now the power outages are coming. In some places, the electricity has been gone for more than six hours. Protect yourself and prepare now, because it can get a lot worse,” writes the hit star and immediately attaches the link to a website that sells generators. A rogue who thinks evil about it.


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Laura Müller recently became clear on Instagram. You can read what the Wendler woman had to say HERE.