Michael Wendler is rushing against the government – ​​that has consequences

He was once at the zenith of his creativity. With songs like “She loves the DJ” or “Egal” Michael Wendler had fought his way to the top of the hit world. But then came the bad crash. With the beginning of the Corona crisis, the self-proclaimed “king of pop hits” was over.

Crude statements, abstruse allegations, the end at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. In no time at all, Michael Wendler destroyed everything for which he had spent years going through the discotheques. Since then, nothing has been seen from Wendler in Germany.

Michael Wendler gets headwind from the fans

The musician lives in the USA with nude model Laura Müller. Years after moving across the pond, Germany doesn’t seem to let go of him. After Instagram blocked his account and Telegram seemed to be no longer enough for him, Wendler continued to rage on Twitter. Much to the displeasure of his followers.

The 50-year-old writes (all in capital letters, of course): “Embarrassing – the government is putting pressure on social media companies – to be able to control what people have to think about in the pandemic. This incredible scandal is now being hushed up by the MS media (editor’s note: Wendler means mainstream media).” To then end with the call “Let’s end the silence”.

However, his followers seem to have understood that differently than Wendler meant. They do not end their silence towards the government, but towards Wendler. A consistent reaction that the singer probably did not expect.

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“Be silent…. I can think of a lot right now. What has to happen that you finally keep your lying m…?” Asks a follower of the fallen pop star, for example. Another adds: “So finally keep the ball flat and say goodbye to all platforms. You can’t stand your rubbish anymore.” And a third person adds: “Why do you still care about what’s happening in Germany? Stay where you are and finally give it some rest!”