Michael Wendler: Laura Müller makes illegal things public

Michael Wendler: Laura Müller shows DAS on Instagram – it is strictly forbidden

06/12/2022 at 18:21

This is Michael Wendler

This is Michael Wendler

He is one of the most polarizing pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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In Germany have Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller haven’t been seen for a long time. Even more so on the internet. Almost every day, Michael Wendler provides us with absurd theories about world events or Laura Müller with tight bikini photos on various watercraft with new content.

What Laura Mueller but now shared in her Instagram story is not only forbidden in principle, but could also be the wife of Michael Wendler in case of doubt, it can also be expensive.

Michael Wendler: His wife Laura Müller watches dinosaurs in the cinema

What happened? It seems as if Laura has become bored with only being photographed somewhere in a bikini or presenting her bag collection to the followers on Instagram. So the 21-year-old set out and went to the cinema.


Michael Wendler: This is what you need to know about the singer

  • Michael Wendler grew up in Dinslaken
  • The singer became famous with the song “She loves the DJ”.
  • He even made it as a juror for DSDS
  • After several crude statements about the corona virus, he flew out of RTL
  • Wendler is with Laura Müller
  • Laura was already naked in Playboy and Only Fans


The new part of “Jurassic World” should be it. And since Laura seems to like old creatures, she grabbed her smartphone directly in the cinema and put short excerpts from the cinema blockbuster in her Instagram story.

Michael Wendler: Are Laura Müller’s video snippets legal?

Anyone who has ever been to the cinema knows that this is not possible and is even forbidden. If you film films in cinemas in Germany and make them available online, you are infringing copyright law. Filming could therefore be punished with a fine or even with imprisonment in very serious cases. It is unclear whether Laura Müller had permission from the rights holder to take the pictures.


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Oh, they just can’t let it go. Michael Wendler in particular is spreading more and more absurd messages on Telegram.