Michel Cymes and TPMP at war: violent clahs, lawyers and no possible reconciliation

This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, France 3 is broadcasting a new episode of the series The Doc and the Veto with in the main characters Dounia Coesens and Michael Cymes. The latter has already come to talk about this beautiful project started in 2021 in the media, but do not count on him to promote it in Do not touch My TV. And for good reason, the doctor is very angry with Cyril Hanouna and his teams.

Last April, he also affirmed to Jordan De Luxe, in the show At Jordan’s, that no reconciliation was possible since the band of C8 had exceeded the limits by insulting him. “When you do the job that I do, you have to accept criticism. Am I not a good presenter? No worries. The show is not good? No worries. But when we start attack the person and that results in insults…

Michel Cymes refers here to the day when Cyril Hanouna invited him to put his stethoscope in an intimate part of his body. “I think we are overstepping the bounds of criticism. And I’m sorry, but I’m like all human beings, I don’t let myself be insulted. Once again, criticizing a program is one thing and if they tear me down because they consider that I am not a good presenter or because my programs are not good, let them say so but let them argue. But I don’t let myself be insulted, that’s all!“, had further underlined the health professional.

Michel Cymes in the cold with Gilles Verdez

Their estrangement, however, is not new. Already in 2016, Michel Cymes evoked tensions with the host of Do not touch My TV, its columnists and more particularly Gilles Verdez. The former presenter of health magazine was indignant at the behavior of the latter, who regularly addressed him tackles and insults on TV. In Media the magMichel Cymes then revealed his intention to boycott the show. “I’m not going to accept an invitation to dinner with people who insult me. So… I went there three times, at first. From the moment someone from the team insults me, I don’t go there anymore“, he justified.

In 2018, things turned sour between the two men when Michel Cymes began to write a letter to C8, stipulating that the denigration of his programs and his person should stop. Gilles Verdez was then revolted by this method, understanding that his enemy had thus sought to have him fired: “Cowardice is no fair game. I am very harsh in my reviews and you can be with me. But to send letters to his lawyers, to the channel, to Cyril, to ask for my head… To call the senior officials of Canal+ to ask that I be fired, it is not worthy of Michel Cymes! If he has the courage, stop his letters, call me directly, I’ll answer! But for that, it takes courage.”

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