Michel Legrand not serene in the face of death: “He was terrified of it…”

Michael Legrand breathed his last January 26, four years ago, to the day. He was then 86 years old when he was swept away by sepsis, after being hospitalized with a serious lung infection. But the least we can say is that the famous composer and pianist was not at all confident at the thought of leaving. the day of his death, his manager Philippe Guiboust, who took care of his career for twenty years, had confided in the artist, in the columns of the Parisian.

In particular, he explained that Macha Meril’s husband had “a blue fear of death since the age of 18”. Despite everything, Michel Legrand was aware that the end was near during his hospitalization, and he even asked his doctors, on January 25, 2019, “not to do therapeutic relentlessness”. Like a sign of fate, “he left last night [le 26, donc]at 2:45 a.m., very surrounded and very serene”, as his manager told our colleagues. With emotion, Philippe Guiboust affirmed that the artist “had a beautiful end of life with Masha“.

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A composer who had had several serious health problems

“He died in full success, the musical Donkey Skin is one of the biggest successes of Parisian theaters”he specified with admiration, before emphasizing that Michel Legrand “always had plans” even if he was well past the age to enjoy a good retirement. And his life, the composer burned it at both ends by giving himself 100% to his musical career. “In 21 years of companionship and 1,004 concerts, he gave me such fears”remembered his manager, speaking of a pneumonia which had nailed him to a hospital bed, in March 2018, or of a “enormous tachycardia attack” occurred in 2016. Despite this, the artist immediately returned to the stage, for the love of his public and of music.

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