Michel Polnareff, his son Louka is already 12 years old: slender legs, impeccable style, a real little man!

Becoming a dad at 66 was not necessarily in his plans. And yet, Michel Polnareff is the happiest of men since little Louka entered his life. The child is no longer so “little“That’s it since he has just celebrated his birthday… he is already 12 years old. The young teenager, born on December 28, 2010, has indeed just blown out his candles surrounded by his family and was even entitled to a very nice tribute , on social networks, written in the protective hands of his mother Danyellah.

I will always be there to love you, protect you and guide you

On her Instagram account, Michel Polnareff’s companion actually shared a video slideshow made up of different photographs of Louka, captured at different ages. It’s crazy how he has grown! “My Love, one fine day, unheard-of happiness has arrivedwrites Danyellah, under the influence of emotion. That day you arrived, you were born. I have become rich with a marvelous treasure; you are my angel, and my pride! I watch you when you sleep, when you laugh and when you are sad too. You are my beloved son, and know that I will always be there to love you, protect you and guide you. Happy XII.“We don’t know if he was showered with gifts that day, but no doubt he was showered with love!

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