Michèle Bernier “only daughter but upset”: the actress confides in her childhood

If Michèle Bernier claims to have benefited from a loving home and a free education, she admits that she nevertheless suffered from the loneliness that her position as an only child brought her.

Monday May 9, Michèle Bernier was the guest of the suave voice of Nathalie Lévy, on the occasion of the release of her new film, Farm madness. The famous actress was able to see several photos and discs retracing her life. After watching an excerpt from the film which will be in theaters from Wednesday May 11, Michèle Bernier was able to see another sequence, on one of the screens in the living room specially equipped for her visit.

Michèle Bernier: “I would have liked so much to have brothers and sisters”

In the video dated several decades ago, his grandmother, his son Enzo, his father the famous professor Choron, as well as his daughter, the actress Charlotte Gaccio. Truly moved by this old memory, the former companion of Olivier Marchal confided in her childhood, which she defines as happy despite her loneliness as an only childfrom which she suffered: “I am an only child but upset. I would have liked so much to have brothers and sisters (…) My parents worked like crazy, came home late and it was difficult for me to be aloneshe recalled.

Under the attentive ear of Nathalie Lévy, Michèle Bernier, who recently confided in her love life, also mentioned a documentary on pensions, which changed her life. Seduced by the idea of ​​living daily with other people of her agethe actress shared her decision with her parents: “I was 11 and a half, my mother and father were quite distraught. But they told me ‘we will visit pensions but you will only go where you want to go'”said the one who lost her mother to suicide.

Michèle Bernier on her pension years: “I loved the parties we had, I loved everything”

This is how Michèle Bernier found herself in a boarding school located in the southern suburbs of Paris, in the town of Draveil (Essonne): “I had three amazing years, which helped me. I went from 31st out of 31 in school, to top of the class and honor roll”she confided.

Beyond the improvement in her grades, Michèle Bernier had finally found the company she had missed for so many years: I liked the company, I liked to be in the evening in a dormitoryI liked the parties we had, I liked everything”she remembered with great tenderness.


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