Michèle Laroque looks back on Pierre Palmade’s addictions: “It’s not easy to see your friend hurting himself”

Michèle Laroque returns to the addictions of Pierre Palmade: "It's not easy to see your friend hurting himself"

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This Tuesday, May 9, Michèle Laroque was invited to the microphone of the radio program In the retro broadcast on France bleu. Coming to promote her latest film Tenor, the 40-minute interview to which the actress devoted herself also retraced her life course.

On her way, inevitably, her friendship with Pierre Palmade with whom she met with dazzling success in the 90s with the mythical shows They love each other, They loved each other and They love each other again. And it is with great kindness that Michèle Laroque confided in her partner, unfortunately also famous for his addictions to alcohol and drugs, including cocaine.

“We are close, really close, we really love each other. We admire each other… It was a pleasure to do these shows with Pierre”, remembers Michèle Laroque with sweetness. Before entrusting: “It’s not easy to be friends with someone who has heavy baggage, who hurts himself, who is in self-destruction sometimes. When you love someone you don’t want to see them to harm one’s self.”

These evils, he already knew them at the time of the shows with his friend. Behaviors not always compatible with the scene. “There were evenings that were less fun than others but when I think back to the shows, I don’t think of those evenings”she reassures. “Yes, I had little moments of loneliness”she finishes before praising the intelligence of her faithful friend.

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