Michele Morrone and her Anna-Maria Sieklucka tattoo

Michele and Anna Maria in a movie sequence

Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska

    It did not happen with the first part, but as a result of the premiere of ‘365 DNI. That day’, speculation has begun as to whether its protagonists, Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, they are together. At least, that is the wish of his fans who see signs everywhere. It is true that during the presentation of the new film in the saga, both were excessively affectionate (the actress did not behave in the same way with her other fellow cannon, Simone Susinna, whom we are going to include in our list of most famous handsome). I kiss here, I hug you, I look at you with desire. In addition, both were caught shopping and there was also a lot of complicity in the images.

    As if all this were not enough, Michele Morrone went to a center of ‘tatoos’ (by the way we invite you to discover the meaning of the tattoos of other celebrities) and he did not hesitate to make one himself that fans have seen as a clear ‘shippeo’, then the letters ‘AMS’ corresponding to the name Anna-Maria Sieklucka would have been drawn. In addition, the actor who gives life to Massimo recorded the moment and shared the result on his social networks.

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    However, at no time, unless we know, did she explain the reason or meaning of decorating her skin with those letters. Ok, it’s suspicious that they match the initials of her partner’s first and last name, but it could refer to anything else. So are they together? We have no confirmation that this is the case no matter how hard the fans try, but we do not rule out a surprise. We will carefully follow your steps and signals on social networks.

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