Michelle does not see daughter Marie Reim as competition

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A few years ago, Marie Reim followed in the footsteps of her famous parents, Michelle and Matthias Reim. In the meantime, the pop singer is said to have fallen out with her mother. In the meantime, however, the two get along very well again – not a trace of competitive thinking!

Leipzig – Michelle (all news about the pop singer) has been on stage for a whopping 30 years. The 50-year-old pop singer is celebrating her 30th career anniversary in 2022 and can rightly not only be proud of her work, but also of her offspring: her 22-year-old daughter Marie Reim recently followed in her mother’s footsteps.

BornFebruary 15, 1972
childrenthree daughters (including Marie Reim)
titleao Idiot, Not deserved, Paris

Michelle on “Riverboat” – hit star has an eventful past with daughter Marie Reim

However, things have not always gone smoothly between the two women in recent years. Michelle and Marie Reim kept what exactly happened to themselves, but last year the 50-year-old pop singer (the most successful German pop singer of all time) made a public apology to their daughter via Instagram: “What happened hurts me suffering. I am so happy that we can look forward together again.”

Fortunately, the two musicians have reconciled and even recorded the duet “4 Hands, 2 Hearts” for Michelle’s new album. Any disputes could obviously be settled – there was therefore no competition between them, as Matthias Reim’s ex revealed on “Riverboat” on MDR last Friday.

Michelle does not see daughter Marie Reim as competition
Her daughter Marie Reim is “a great artist”, Michelle praised the 22-year-old on “Riverboat” (MDR) © Screenshot/MDR/Riverboat

Words of praise for “great artist” Marie Reim – Michelle knows no competition

“For me, there is basically no competition at all. No artist is a competitor for me because everyone has an entitlement and music is something that connects us all, and there is no competition for me – no matter who it is, ”Michelle explained openly on the MDR talk show. Her daughter is “a great artist” and she considers the recently created duet to be an “honor”.

There was also praise for Marie Reim’s songwriting qualities: “That makes her really great, unfortunately I can’t do that,” revealed the pop singer (the stage names of the big pop stars and their real names), who was visibly happy that they were allowed to sing a song written by the 22-year-old together as a mother-daughter team.

“Two powerful women who tell their story”: Michelle does not see daughter Marie Reim as competition

Michelle also went into more detail about the basic idea behind “4 hands, 2 hearts”: “It’s about two powerful women who are strong and tell their story – and with a strong mother-daughter relationship.” According to the 50-year-old, the fact that both women are pop singers is by no means between them.

Marie Reim wanted to be a singer as a child – much to the delight of the proud mother: “She belongs on the stage,” was Michelle’s clear verdict. In fact, the 22-year-old is currently well on the way to seamlessly following on from her mother’s success.

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