Michelle Hunziker: Cryptic message after separation gives cause for concern

So the rumors are really true: Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi are no longer a couple. The TV presenter has separated from fashion entrepreneur Trussardi after seven years of marriage. The couple confirmed this in a press release. “After ten years together, we have decided to change our life project,” the statement said on Tuesday.

“Our separation will remain a common and private path. Out of respect for the privacy of our family, we will not make any further comments,” announced Hunziker and her ex-partner. The couple have pledged to continue raising their two daughters together “in love and friendship.”

“Sometimes you have to curse, scream or cry”

According to media rumors, Trussardi is said to live in the family palazzo in his hometown of Bergamo, Hunziker in Milan. At Christmas she would have visited him briefly with the children and then traveled alone to Andermatt in Switzerland on a skiing holiday.

In December, Hunziker had an interview with the lifestyle magazine Caminada talked about how difficult it is sometimes for her to balance her private life and her professional commitments. If she wasn’t doing well, she wouldn’t show it to the public. “I retire to my room, close the door and think. Or I’ll cry on my pillow for a moment,” the presenter revealed at the time – but nothing was known about marital problems at that time.

Now the Swiss-born spoke in an Instagram story for the first time after the love-off became known. “My morning with the wild dwarfs before I go to school,” she wrote in Italian for a photo of herself behind the wheel of her car.