Michelle Hunziker feels free and calls on women to love themselves

She falls and gets up again. Michelle Hunziker (45) deals with strokes of fate and defeats just as openly and publicly as with the highlights of her life. The honesty of her tears and her laughter makes the Swiss presenter a role model for many women.

When Hunziker surprisingly announced the separation from fashion heir Tomaso Trussardi (39) after ten years of relationship at the beginning of the year, a world collapsed for her. “A breakup is always a terrible thing. I felt like I failed. I have to process that first, »she says in an interview with «T-Online». But she is someone “who has problems, deals with them and then gets up again”. She did. There is no war of roses between the ex-couple. They look after their daughters Sole (8) and Celeste (7) together.