Michelle Hunziker: She spends time with ex Tomaso Trussardi

Michelle Hunziker (45) and fashion heir Tomaso Trussardi (38) were one heart and one soul for seven years. However, two months after her marriage, the presenter fell in love again. Your new – Dr. Giovanni Angiolini (40) – is not only five years younger, but was also voted “Italy’s sexiest doctor”. However, anyone who would have expected a war of roses between Michelle and her ex should be surprised at the sight of current photos. The two still seem to get along great and have now been spotted in a good mood and chatting on an outing together. What would Giovanni say about this performance?

No trace of separation pain! In the video above, we show you how Michelle and her ex Tomaso joked together on the street.

Michelle Hunziker: The presenter’s turbulent love life

Whether it’s a singer, TV host or film producer, Michelle has always given her heart to the men of show business in the past. She and Eros Ramazotti (58), with whom she has daughter Aurora (25), were once considered the absolute model couple in Italy. However, the marriage only lasted four years. But the love carousel did not stand still for Michelle – on the contrary, it really picked up speed in the following years.

Michelle and her men – a little journey into the past! We show you who Michelle Hunziker has already been with in the video below.