Michelle Obama: for Mother’s Day, she names an exhibition for her mother

Sunday, May 8, many countries celebrated Mother’s Day. Michelle Obama made a nice gesture towards hers on this occasion. Explanations.

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world. If you can give gifts to your mom all year round, this day is particularly conducive to that. Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, is aware that she owes a lot to her mother Marian Robinson, as reported Here.

The first grandmother White House

To mark the occasion during this new Mother’s Day, she decided to name an exhibition after her mother, as reported by the American media. Hello ! USA ! This is an exhibition held at the Obama Presidential Center Museum, intended to “shed light on artists who have marked the history of the White House“During the mandate of her husband, detail our colleagues.

During the inauguration of the exhibition, Michelle Obama also gave a speech dedicated to the one who was the first grandmother to set up at the White House. “My mother has given me unceasing and unconditional love in so many ways. She developed in me a deep sense of confidence in who I was and who I could be by teaching me to think for myself, use my own voice and understand my own value”she explained in particular, taken up by our colleagues. Before adding: “Without her, I just wouldn’t be who I am today. That’s why, on Mother’s Day, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be dedicating space at the Obama Presidential Center in her honor.» An original gift to say the least!

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-05-09/michelle-obama-pour-la-fete-des-meres-elle-nomme-une-exposition-pour-sa-maman