Michelle Renaud is criticized for subjecting her son to the popular ice therapy

michelle renaud Like other well-known actresses, she has joined the new trend of ice therapy, also known as Wim Hoff Method, which handles great benefits to maintain the figure, the rejuvenated skin and mental health.

This technique consists of remaining several minutes in a tub filled with water with icewhich go below the 10 to 15 degrees centigrade, what causes the vasoconstriction and helps eliminate waste products such as lactic acid.

According to experts, the ice therapy also decreases the metabolic activity, reduces inflammation yrmuscle tissue breakdown, among other benefits.

Michelle Renaud puts her son directly on the ice

“Since I get on the ice I am another, I can not stop dancing and laughing because they fill me with endorphins,” he said on his social networks where he also indicated that losing weight would be another benefit of ice therapy.

The protagonist of the soap opera The Heritage, has been criticized for submitting her son Marcelo five years to this practice.

“My boy iced. I deeply admire Marcelo, the first time they put him on the ice, it was suddenly unconscious and it was very traumatic for him. Whenever he saw me inside he told me that one day he was going to get in but that at his own time. Today he told me that he was ready to try it and he spent his 3 minutes breathing perfectly, enjoying himself and even laughing. I am so proud of my baby’s tenacity,” the actress wrote.

Some netizens they consider that he is not taking into account the risks he runs by subjecting him to this method at such a young age.

“How sad for that child. You can see that it trembles on the ice, why do you do that to the child?”, “Is it healthy and safe for a developing child? How brave but I still have these doubts” and “If you are wrong, where do you recommend that for a 4 or 5 year old child that I think is what yours has, no wonder your skin and hair look very ugly dry”, “Poor Boy, you want to follow fashions and put your health at risk”, were some of the comments.