Michelle Renaud is honest and talks about how life has treated her: “I was unconscious”

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Mexico City.- Last Saturday, May 7, michelle renaud She was honest with her followers and revealed how she felt that life had treated her, this after her separation from Daniel Carrera and the rumors about his alleged courtship with Osvaldo Benavidez.

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The first approach that Renaud had to the performance It was in 1992, with the melodrama angels without paradisewhere he gave life to an extra, to return to melodramas in 2004 with Rebelfrom then on she tried to stay active in the entertainment industry with chameleons, Full of love, neither with you nor without you, the gale woman, the color of passion, the shadow of the pastamong others.

Recently, the actress made a reflection on her social mediadeclaring that his life, during these 33 years, has been “beautiful” and “perfect”:

Today I understand that my 33 years, below, were perfect and beautiful. They were the preparation I needed to learn to enjoy with conscience… because the truth is that I have always enjoyed my life. I’ve always liked her and I love my real-life soap operas and the fiction ones too. But he was unconscious in the enjoyment

Currently, Michelle Renaud has declared that she is enjoying her singleness, as well as her artistic career and his son, Marcelo.

Sources: Instagram @michellerenaud