Michelle Renaud leaves Angela Aguilar with the greeting in her mouth

Mexico City.- The representative office of Angela Aguilar announced the participation and debut of the young promise of Mexican music in the melodrama “La Herencia”, which will be produced by John Osoriobut recently it was also revealed that she will be in charge of interpreting the musical theme of the novel, in which the actress also participates michelle renaud as one of the protagonists.

In recent days a video began to circulate, which was taken from one of the locations of the recordings of “La Herencia”, in which the artists can be seen when they went to attend to the journalists, who were able to realize how the actress rejected the greeting of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar.

Ángela Aguilar will interpret the musical theme of the novel by Juan Osorio. Photo: Special.

After the awkward moment michelle renaud seems to have ignored Angela when she was trying to greet her, both celebrities were friendly during the recordings.

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But, curiously, in another angle of the recording, it can be seen that the actress moved a little to allow the singer to greet another of the actors who are part of the cast of the new project.

It’s known that Angela Aguilar She is not the type of person who likes to be involved in controversies, so so far she has not commented on anything that happened publicly.

Actress Michelle Renaud participates as one of the protagonists. Photo: Special.

There is also the doubt that it may have only been a misunderstanding and even a bad perspective of the camera, so a feud with michelle renaud out of jealousy

However, the wave of comments that came over the publication has divided the public, some supporting Angela, while others are on Michelle’s side.

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