Michelle Renaud melts with love for Matías Novoa

Michelle Renaud melts with love for Matías Novoa, she brings him an elegant gift. Instagram Special

the actress is super in love with Matias Novoaa relationship that arose months ago and that is giving only positive things, so today she did not hesitate to share the detail with which the actor surprised her, they are a beautiful couple.

Today Michelle Renaud was surprised with a beautiful detail by her boyfriend Matías Novoa. It all happened when someone mysteriously knocked on the door, to discover that he was the actor with a huge bouquet of red roses that left the actress speechless.

Reason why he did not hesitate to share one beautiful reflectionin which she clarifies that these flowers can obviously be bought by herself, but receiving them from the man she is in love with undoubtedly makes it a beautiful detail and makes her feel loved.

Although, like everyone else, I can buy flowers and I have bought them. I must confess that when @matlechat gives them to me it makes me feel very loved and special, it feels very good!! Thanks my love

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Even through her stories, she also shared a beautiful reflection, with which she expresses how in love she is with this gallant, “Stay with whom when good things happen to you, don’t know whose eyes shine brighter: if yours while you tell them, or yours while listening to you”

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A beautiful reflection of the name “There it is”, and it is that since they made their love known, the romantic messages and the long dedications for Matías Novoa have not been lacking, as well as his for her, how to forget his dedication “With the feet on the ground”

In this land that saw me born I’m going to the clouds with you! Beautiful days that we have enjoyed these landscapes where we connect with the essential, with the true, with the sublime. Some of the few talks we had… we talked about never forgetting to connect with nature, to observe, to contemplate, to feel. There is nothing more than this! We don’t NEED more!

Michelle Renaud melts with love for Matías Novoa, she brings him an elegant gift. Instagram Special

They make a super nice couple, that they last many years together, it is seen that they are accomplices and best friends too. So far, it is the only thing that the actress has shared on her social networks, although she will surely leave us more surprises in later days.

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