Michelle Renaud says not to do the same as her to leave single life because “it doesn’t work” | Famous

Michelle Renaud, who has recently been related to Osvaldo Benavides, not only stated that she is single, but also warned about something she has done to stop being single and it does not work.

Renaud, whose last official boyfriend was Danilo Carrera, shared on his Instagram account that catching the bride’s bouquet at various weddings has not worked for him, despite the fact that he has not even made an effort to achieve it.

“Breaking news! Winning the bride’s bouquet DOESN’T WORK, I repeat DOESN’T WORK! In the last weddings that I have attended, the bouquet has literally fallen into my hands, ”reads the beginning of his message, which was accompanied by a funny image.

The protagonist of ‘La Herencia’ and promoter of bathing in ice reported that she had a bad time due to the popular wedding tradition, since even other women have sought to take away the bride’s bouquet.

“They have pushed me, they have pulled me, I have been pulled by women who feel the need to get married… even so, it has remained in my hands without the slightest effort and I AM STILL SINGLE, I repeat I AM STILL SINGLE,” she explained.

Tradition indicates that the bride must throw her bouquet, after leaving the civil registry or the church, or at the wedding reception, to her single guests. Whoever catches him will find love or, if she already has a partner, she will get married.

However, just because of her experience, Michelle assured her followers of the popular social network that winning the bridal bouquet at a wedding does not really mean that they will get married soon and concluded: “We have been deceived for decades.”

Michelle Renaud gave advice to live the duel of ending a relationship

Before talking about the tradition of catching the bride’s bouquet at weddings, Michelle Renaud addressed how, according to her, people should experience the mourning of ending a love relationship, which is important.

“The duel at the end of a relationship can be very painful, but it is important to live it, not to be afraid of it, the sooner you assume and let yourself feel that emptiness, the faster you will get out of it,” the actress wrote in an Instagram message.

Mateo’s mother, who recently turned 5, also stated that she considers that the biggest mistake is that, for fear of feeling empty, people return to the relationship that ended, which has already been shown to not work.

“Your ex-partner may be the best person in the world, but they are not necessarily the best person for you,” he pointed out.