Michelle Renaud without a drop of makeup and with dark circles, shows off her most adventurous side

Michelle Renaud without a drop of makeup and with dark circles, shows off her most adventurous side. A few days after opening his new telenovela, “The inheritance”the actress set out to conquer a mountain and reminded us that the impossible does not exist.

Without a doubt, a lot has happened since Michelle Renaud was part of the cast of “Rebel”. Soap operas like “the shadow of the past”, “Passion and power”, “daughters of the moon” and “The queen is me”, have shown that she has plenty of talent and as a single mother exemplary, the actress has captivated everywhere.

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It will be very soon when we will be able to meet her new character, the powerful “Sarah of the Mount” in “The Inheritance”, telenovela in which he will star alongside Matías Novoa and that promises to be one more success of the Canal de las Estrellas. For weeks she has shown what her character will look like and although she has given herself completely to the recordings, she took advantage of this weekend to do one of the things that she loves the most, to coexist with nature.

To do this, Michelle Renaud went to a natural area near the Mexican capital and he ventured to climb La Malinche, volcano located in the beautiful Mexican state of Tlaxcala. For Michelle, this was an unforgettable experience that reminded her not only of the importance of knowing how to get to the top, but also knowing how to get down.

“Climbing a mountain is a life lesson, it teaches you your weaknesses as well as your strengths but above all it shows you how your strengths are above EVERYTHING.


Nothing matters, not your mind telling you how tired you are, not your knees with pain, not the frustration of seeing that no matter how far you go, the peak is far away… nothing matters if you want to GET THERE, everyone has their own time.

Something I learned this time is that it is as important to know how to climb to the top as it is to know how to get down, I know a lot of people who got stuck at the top, they didn’t know how to get down and there they continue ..

I’ll make a video of that later.


Thank you TEAM for existing, for walking this life by my side and now climbing mountains with me I LOVE YOU ♥️ ”, he highlighted on Instagram.

Michelle Renaud has become a very self-confident woman and this time she showed herself again with her face without a drop of makeup, with dark circles under her eyes but happy to have conquered this challenge.

Michelle Renaud, rests from love and focuses on her family and her career

Although in weeks past their relation With Danilo Carrera, he gave something to talk about, apparently for now it is clear that they have ceased to be a couple. The actor finished the soap opera “Contigo Sí” and went on a trip with his brothers while Michelle Renaud has focused on working on her emotional well-being, on taking care of his charming son Marcelo and throw all the meat on the grill with his new project.

Together with Danilo Carrera he formed one of the most beloved couples of the show after having coincided in soap operas such as “Hijas de la Luna” and “Quererlo todo”, but even so, both they knew how to recognize the moment to end and maintain a relationship of respect and affection, because the actor himself stressed that Michelle Renaud was a great woman, a great mother and a dedicated actress.

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Through social networks, Michelle Renaud has taken advantage of her convening power to share various messages that have empowered her followers and also shared part of her personal evolution, emphasizing that the most important love of all is self-love and inspiring with her own story. . Today Michelle has not only conquered a mountain but she has shown that dreams come true and that every effort is worth it.