Michelle Salas from the bathtub with a satin polka dot blouse

The Mexican model is one of the women who is succeeding in foreign lands, who today shared a series of photographs in Manhattan in which she posed from the bathtub With a satin polka dot blouse and shorts that marked her charms.

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michelle halls She always surprises her followers on social networks, so today was no exception and she posed from the bathtub sitting in a very elegant and fresh outfit, which was made up of a white blouse. satin with polka dots, which she combined with a black lycra.

Both garments fit her perfectly and marked her charms. obvious the accessories They could not be missing and added a gold coordinate that included a necklace with different charms, earrings with an eye figure and a bracelet with the same characteristics.

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Her hair was pulled back in a high bun, while her makeup only included dark eyeshadow, mascara, and nude lips. This series of photos has infinite perfection, since not only is she posing, the background behind the glass windows is impressive.

michelle halls it has the city of Manhattan at its feet, where you can see an infinity of buildings, just imagining the relaxing sensation of bathing with that exhilarating view, if it looks phenomenal during the day, I can’t imagine at night, very beautiful view.

The model added to this photograph some beautiful words that express her love for this city, “Best city in the world”. Immediately, her followers began to fill the section with many positive comments, in which they highlighted her beauty, one of the first that she did was her mother.

Stephanie Salas is her little girl’s number one admirer, as she never hesitates to comment on her photos with many compliments, a super mom. Michelle Salas also gave recommendations through stories, this time she talked about books.

He recommended one titled, “Osho”, which talks about the emotions and thoughts of the human being, but gives you the opportunity to transform them into creative and positive energy. A pretty good book that everyone should read once in their life.

So far, these are the only news that the model has shared on her social networks, which are very helpful to all her followers, not only because of her style of clothing, but also because of this recommendation of the day that will help them take care of themselves. .