Michelle Soifer rules out participating in Miss Peru: “it would overshadow my companions” | show business | celebrity | SHOWS

Through their social networks, Micheille Soifer was asked if she would like to participate in Miss Peru 2023for which he jokingly replied that he would not do it because he does not “want to outshine his companions”

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“The truth would not participate because it would overshadow all my colleagues. And you know that making other people feel bad with my presence is not for me. So, no, no, and no, that’s not my thing hahaha ”, said the former member of “This is war.”

Let us remember that, among the main requirements to participate in Miss Peru, are being Peruvian by birth or having dual nationality, being between 18 and 29 years old at the time of the beauty pageant and a minimum height of 1.60 cm. As is known, the ex-chica reality is 33 years old, something that completely rules her out of the contest.

Rodrigo González on Luciana Fuster in Miss Peru: “She doesn’t measure up, she’s a common beauty”

The host of “Amor y Fuego”, Rodrigo González, referred to the application of the reality girl Luciana Fuster to Miss Peru 2023.

After the announcement of the participation of Patricio Parodi’s girlfriend in the beauty pageant directed by Jessica Newton, the show presenter expressed his opinion on the matter.

“Since a year we already saw this coming, we had already said it, we had already slipped it and now it has simply materialized because since Alessia was in the competition it was already being said that the next media candidate was Luciana. You know that Jessica Newton likes someone who makes a noise like her at the time she was Mirella Paz, ”said popular“ Peluchín ”.

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Likewise, González pointed out that although the model is not to his liking, he recognizes her beauty. “To be honest, here at home, Fuster is not someone that we exactly like, because we know very well how she is the dead fly,” she said.

“But that doesn’t mean that we don’t see that she’s a gorgeous girl, that she’s heavy and has bug blood, that’s another matter, but she’s a gorgeous girl, she’s a pretty girl. (…) Do you think Fuster (makes it) in a Miss Universe? She is pretty, but I don’t see her as Miss Universe, she doesn’t measure up, the beauty of Fuster is a more common beauty, ”said Gigi Miter’s partner.


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