Michelle Vieth returns to soap operas

Recently, it has been revealed that the beautiful actress Michelle Vieth returns to soap operas and distributes her time to also raise her four children while doing what she loves most.

There is no doubt that Michelle Vieth got caught up in the TV soaps youth that catapulted her to fame.

And it is that to be true it looks almost identical, the same face of My little naughty and even a waist of the same measurements as when she starred in Soñadoras.

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The actress does not stop smiling and joking in the dressing rooms of Foro 9, in which Mi fortuna es amarte is recorded, the melodrama that brought her back to Televisa.

I am no longer small, but I am naughty”, she says in the interview-

The Acapulcan woman announced that she worked in the family hotel that her family has in Acapulco when she was discovered to be an actress, at the age of 15 and at that time she stopped making beds in guest rooms and moved to the City. from Mexico to write his story in the Dream Factory.

It should be noted that the last telenovela he made was in 2013, a long time ago, so it was his turn.

During those years she became a mother for the third and fourth time and since she had already made two pregnant soap operas, she decided to take some time apart to be able to enjoy motherhood in another way.

Everything happened, I had just finished my last telenovela, which was La Otra Cara del Alma, in 2013, and I got pregnant with my son Kiki; At that time I was living in the United States and things happened so that this pregnancy occurred at a time when I was not working.

Later, she had Keika and according to reports she loved the experience, she got pregnant with Leandro doing La madrastra, and with Michelle, in Mundo de Fieras.

So, they were different but beautiful experiences. But I’m back, through the front door and home.”

As she announced, today she feels full, enjoying what she sowed for so many years; I feel that it is a harvest time in the professional, family and woman spheres. It is a thank you and a daily growth.