Mick Schumacher posts a family photo – fans immediately ask for Papa Michael

Mick Schumacher: His profile picture raises questions

The 23-year-old published a rare picture several days before Christmas Eve. Mick updated the profile picture of his Instagram profile with an old childhood picture. He can be seen in the toddler age on the arm of his father Michael Schumacher. The reactions in the comments are different: on the one hand, many fans are happy about the cute dad-son photo, on the other hand, some followers are unsettled by the sudden picture. Some fans are speculating about Michael’s health.

Mick Schumacher Christmas photo without him

Just in time for Christmas Eve, Formula 1 up-and-coming star Mick added another picture. In the photo, which Mick captioned “Merry Christmas”, you can see him, his sister Gina-Maria (25) and Mama Corinna Schumacher (53). They sit together in front of the Christmas tree. Papa Michael is of course not in the photo. Still the questions come: “Where is Michael?” and “Michael is hushed up as if he’s already gone” are just two depressing examples. The demand for Michael’s health status below the picture is huge.

A fan sums up what probably concerns many people about Schumacher’s fate: “I absolutely respect your privacy. But sometimes I just want to know if Michael can speak, if he can eat, if he can walk, if he can see his son’s races? Most of us grew up watching his dominant performance for years. It’s just so sad that we don’t get to see him anymore.”

Consistent silence about Michael Schumacher’s condition

Since his serious skiing accident, Michael Schumacher’s health has been a big question mark. Only rarely do his wife Corinna and other relatives reveal information. Schumacher lives on his estate in Gland on Lake Geneva and is consistently shielded from the public – here he is cared for by his family and closest confidants. The policy of absolute secrecy should also be in the interests of the former Formula 1 driver. Schumacher vehemently protected his private life in the past.