Mick Schumacher: Touching words about Papa Michael Schumacher’s birthday

Private family pictures are a rarity on Mick Schumacher’s Instagram account. But every now and then his fans and followers can look forward to such a snapshot. Like at Christmas, for example. The 23-year-old posted a picture with his sister Gina-Maria (25) and Mama Corinna Schumacher (53) in front of the Christmas tree.

Just a few days later, Mick follows up with the family pictures. But this time there are photos with his dad Michael from childhood – and for a special reason. Because Michael Schumacher is celebrating his 54th birthday today, January 3rd. “Congratulations to the best dad ever, I love you!” He writes in English under the series of pictures. Dad and son not only share the same passion – because Mick has been driving in Formula 1 since 2021 – but Mick is also a spitting image of his father.

Mick Schumacher congratulates Papa Michael on his 54th birthday

Congratulations for the former racing driver are piling up in the comments. “Happy Birthday! #keepfightingmichael”, “Happy Birthday, Legend” and “Happy Birthday, Legend. I miss you” are just a few of the countless comments.

Gina Maria dedicates a touching Instagram post to her father Michael Schuhmacher

Even if Michael’s older daughter is more like Mama Corinna – both are very successful in horseback riding – she posts a picture of the two on Instagram on his day of honor and thus reminds of old racing days. “Happy Birthday Dad. Throwback to our karting times! #keepfighting” (English: Happy birthday, dad. Back to our karting times! #continue fighting), the 25-year-old writes under the photo.

Gina-Maria also gets almost 20,000 likes and several hundred comments and congratulations to her father within an hour.

The day of the accident of the Formula 1 driver was already the ninth year

The cohesion of the Schumacher family is a very special one. Nine years ago Michael had a very bad skiing accident in the French Alps and sustained a serious head injury. Not much is known about his health since then. The family keeps their personal life very private. The policy of absolute secrecy should also be in the interests of the former Formula 1 driver.

Even his own Netflix documentation leaves fans only vague guesses as to how the 54-year-old is doing. Wife Corinna said that Michael was there, just different than before. And Mick also lets it shine through in the documentary that nothing is the same as it used to be. He would give anything to be able to talk to his dad about Formula 1 again, he emphasizes.

One fan summed up what many fans and followers probably think about Michael under Mick’s Christmas family picture: “I absolutely respect your privacy. But sometimes I just want to know if Michael can talk, if he can eat, if he If he can run, can he then see his son races? Most of us have grown up with his dominating performance for years. It’s just so sad that we can’t see him anymore.”