Mickie Krause reveals: That’s how much he gets for an appearance

With his wild wig on his head and his slippery song lyrics in his luggage, Ballermann star Mickie Krause has made a name for himself on Mallorca over the years. Party-mad fans across the island sing along to his songs. The 52-year-old has achieved cult status in his industry.

But that doesn’t come from just anywhere, as he keeps telling himself. Mickie Krause has been working on his career and making his songs hits since 1999. There is no question that he has now succeeded. But what do you actually earn as a Ballermann star? Suffice it to say: it’s a small fortune.

Mickie Krause chats from the sewing box

In the SWR format “Krause is coming”, moderator Pierre M. Krause meets various celebrities and even spends a night with them. This is exactly what he intends to do with his namesake. Because Ballermann star Mickie Krause opens the doors of his holiday home on Norderney for the first time and speaks openly about previously hidden details of his career.

In a restaurant, Pierre M. Krause and Michael Engels, the singer’s native name, are chatting over a beer and a warm soup. They mainly talk about the Schlager industry. The moderator wants to know from the father of four what he thinks of other artists: “A Malle career is now something that follows automatically if someone was in the jungle camp, for example. They’re not musicians either, they’re people who were in a trash format at some point and they just “sing” something. What do you think of that?”

It seems as if Mickie Krause was just waiting for this question. He promptly shoots off: “I don’t see them as musicians, but at best as performers. That annoys me, because I’m always measured against these people. I don’t want to have to compete with a Micaela Schäfer or a Schäfer Heinrich as a musician.”

Mickie Krause reveals what kind of performance he gets

In the further course of the conversation, Pierre M. Krause then asked the groundbreaking question of how such a musician or entertainer was paid at Ballermann. “Are you the best earner?” The moderator wants to know. “In Mallorca? Not necessarily. There are still some artists who get more money. But when it comes to Germany, I’m definitely one of the best-paid ones,” answers Mickie Krause soberly.

It is obvious that Pierre M. Krause will have to dig deeper and ask for concrete sums. Although the singer is a bit more covered, he still gives a rough direction: “It’s a five-digit sum for a performance.”

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