Miguel Ángel Fox, the mind behind Who is the mask?, is preparing a new reality show – El Sol de México

Miguel Ángel Fox is committed to quality programs, where the talent of the participant and the format itself surprise the public.

For the producer, dramas, conflicts and fights are unnecessary when you have a project with good foundations, which can win over the audience through the dynamics and challenges it presents.

“In some types of reality, if I rely on the drama, it means that I did not do my job well because trying to generate conflicts or situations that are not in the format means that the format does not work. Yes, I like to change many things, but I do that so that the program is not so predictable”, says the producer in an interview.

“For example in Who is The Mask?, a fun and complicated part is developing new characters, because we always create many more, but along the way, they don’t come out as one would like or since the celebrity adopts it, the costume does not match, so you have to redo it or change it . We always do 25 characters and end up with 18; It is a complicated process because there are some that look very nice on screen, but when it comes to taking them to fabric and plastic and to a three-dimensional structure, they don’t work”.

This 2022, Fox celebrated 25 years of having started his career at Televisa. She has been in charge of programs like Tatiana’s spacein 1997, big brother (2015), seven seasons on Mexico’s voice and now four of Who is The Mask?

Although it has been a long road, the producer assured that each project has generated great satisfaction, both personally and professionally, and that the lessons learned are reflected in each new product he makes.

“Many people think that by seeing the success of the programs in other countries, as a consequence, they also become successful here, but The voice Y The mask we grabbed them when they didn’t exist, they hadn’t even been made in the United States, we came out at the same time as other countries.

“I believe that the fundamental thing about these programs is the connection they generate with the people and, in the case of The mask, is interactivity. It is a program that is not only on television, but you also have to be on your cell phone to comment on the identities of the characters or the structure of the program. Yes, there must be a connection of emotions, but not try to sell false emotions, with conflicts that are not part of the format, ”he insisted.

In the recent edition, Huacal was crowned the winner, with the JNS being the ones behind Garlic, Pineapple, Strawberry Y Pearleaving in second place alebrijeplayed by Ana Barbara.

“These programs are made in pre-production because we have realized that the success of this project is defined at the moment in which the talents that are going to be within the characters are chosen.

“There are talents and celebrities who don’t work on the character very much and every time they show up, neither the investigators, nor the driver, nor the production itself are enthusiastic to find out their identities; but when there is a lot of work behind it and a character is built, they even speak differently, that’s when the magic happens,” said the producer.

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Miguel Ángel Fox announced that next year he will premiere the fifth season of Who is The Mask?also works hand in hand with Adrián Uribe for a Late Night Show and is already preparing his next reality show, which will mix dance, singing, acting and different artistic disciplines.

“I am developing another program, it will surely be for the second semester, we are looking for formats, developing original things, but in January it will be defined what I will do, right now I am in that job.

“It’s a mixture of everything, what I want is a variation of all these dynamics that have proven to be successful for us, I want to come up with something very original,” he said.