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The former reality boy Miguel Arce He spoke from Mexico to refer to his participation in the third season of the Netflix series “Madre there are only two”.

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It should be remembered that after moving away from reality shows and show business, the actor has dedicated himself to building his acting career abroad. It was recently known that he appeared in a chapter of the famous Mexican series “La Rosa de Guadalupe”.

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The Instarándula portal shared a video sent by Arce, where he greets his followers and tells how his experience was on the well-known platform. “A luxury to act alongside Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto. Incredible girls and as people, they are incredible human beings,” she expressed.

Likewise, the Peruvian model and actor explained how he managed to get a role in the well-known series. “Well, keep studying and keep preparing. It is being in the right place and time, and as prepared as you can be, ”he mentioned.

“Above all, don’t listen to the negative reviews. You go on. If you want something, never give up,” she added.

MAIL |  Miguel Arce

Miguel Arce rules out his entry into a new reality show in Mexico: “I’m going to star in a movie”

After Guty Carrera’s participation in the reality show ‘Guerreros’, the Mexican version of ‘Esto es Guerra’ produced by Televisa, Miguel Arce’s followers were encouraged to ask him if he would also follow in the footsteps of his compatriot since they both live in Mexico.

“To face these times in the best way, take advantage of the time that we are given to raise those defenses, train, eat healthy, hydrate, outside of jokes, it is very possible (God forbid) that many of us end up infected by this virus, let’s take advantage of this time, not to increase the sedentary lifestyle but to raise the defenses, that I still don’t know time in vain, they are loved!!”, the ex-reality boy maintained in his Instagram post.