Miguel Cedeño finishes his chemotherapy; the Ecuadorian journalist continues his fight against cancer | People | Entertainment

“TODAY IS MY LAST CHEMO!” How many times have I dreamed of saying this short, but powerful phrase. And the day has come! When I heard the doctor telling me “Miguel, you have cancer” I didn’t know how I was going to deal with the process. 🍃 And yes, today I have my last chemo. God is good! It is real to have FAITH! It’s real that mom is your best nurse! It is real that the more love, the more healing! 🙏”, wrote Miguel Cedeño, a journalist from TC Television, when posting a series of images after receiving his last chemotherapy session, at the Dr. Juan Tanca Campozano clinic, from SOLCA.

“I am happy, very happy that this chemotherapy process has already finished, this is where radiotherapy comes from and I am very happy and excited by all the support from the people, from the public, who have been present during all these months. And today, when I finished my last chemo, I am grateful to God and to my family, to my aunts, to my aunt Elvirita, my aunt Dolores, they have been a fundamental part of my recovery, as well as my mother and my angels, my doctors, the Dr. Carlos Plaza, Valeria Ortega, Arianna Aspiazu, my wonderful graduates, the entire clinic team, very grateful,” Cedeño tells this newspaper.

As indicated, after this process you will have a month off to start the cycle of radiotherapy, 21 in its entirety.

“From December to May he underwent chemotherapy. From June 6 I start with radiotherapy and that consists of a laser-based treatment to eliminate any residue of the tumor”, indicates Cedeño. The presenter of the program De Boca en Boca, on TC Television, was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer the previous year.

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Cedeño has already received a medical discharge, he plans to return on an outpatient basis and although he does not have a definitive date of return to the channel, he hopes to return between July and August for his intervention in the entertainment program.

“Let’s hope in God that everything goes well and that on that date they give me the result that I am free of cancer and if not, I will continue with my treatment, I want to return to the channel but as long as I am in good health, which is the important thing now “, Held. (I)