Mika amazed at Eurovision: this moment that gave him “goosebumps”

While co-hosting the Eurovision Song Contest, singer Mika explained that he was particularly moved when the Ukrainian group took the stage. A moment he won’t soon forget.

He had expressed doubts about the contest a few years ago. However, Mika co-hosts Eurovision in Italy this year with singer Laura Pausini and host Alessandro Cattelan, and is delighted. If he made it clear that he regretted his commenthe also explained to Parisian this May 14 that “ the competition has evolved considerably ” and ” that it can really launch careers “. The singer with American nationality, born in lebanon and who grew up between France and England, feels in its place in this competition which brings together some 200 million viewers. ” I saw there the recognition of the part of me that I feel deeply European “, he explains when asked how he felt when he was offered to co-host the evening. In a hot geopolitical context, Mika did not hide his emotion. ” When the Ukrainian group arrived in the room during the semi-finals, I got goosebumps hearing people screaming “, he confided, before adding: “ It was very, very, very moving. »

Ukrainians ignoring the context

The Ukrainians, they remained in restraint, control and did the job: they sang. I will remember this moment for a very long time “, clarified the singer of” Love Today “. It is also due to putting entertainment back at the heart of the evening : “ It’s an entertainment show where we find a lot of very elegant things, and others that we can question more. This is the subject of Eurovision, and it must not be distorted. »

Mika will sing at Eurovision

The former juror The Voice will sing his last title on the Eurovision stage. But not only. ” I will indeed perform ‘Yoyo’, but also other songs in a medley, which will not be just a set of titles put together “, he explains, still at the Parisian. And to conclude: I want it to tell something, from beginning to end, let it be a gesture of love, a gesture of peace. I’ve been working on it for four months, and I think it’s quite spectacular. »

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Photo credits: Piovanotto Marco/ABACA

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