Mika evokes his shattering remarks on Eurovision, and he had not minced his words…

This Saturday 14 but, Mika was the master of ceremonies of Eurovision. A role he wanted to do well. Especially since he did not hesitate to strongly criticize the competition in 2015 on the airwaves of RTL. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready to know everything? Well, let’s go.

When Mika criticized Eurovision

For the first time since the beginning of his career, Mika became an animator. Indeed, on France 2, the singer presented the Eurovision contest, which was held in Italy. Alongside Laura Pausini and Alessandro Cattelan, the interpreter of take it easy, had a lot of fun in this new role. But contrary to what one might think, he has not always been kind to the competition. A few years ago, he even criticized the very spirit of the competition.

Seven years ago on RTL, Mika was far from praising Eurovision. On the contrary. Indeed, according to the singer, a large part of the titles performed during the show were shit: “Most of the songs that are in Eurovision are shameful. (…) I don’t know if we have the right [de faire des bonnes chansons]. It’s not part of the game, you have to make songs that are terrible. But a turnaround for this year 2022.

The singer reconsiders his remarks

It is with great astonishment that Mika received the Eurovision proposal this year. And as they say: only fools don’t change their minds. And it’s not the singer who will say the opposite. The latter therefore insisted on returning to his not very rosy remarks that he had released: “ I can say that I regret this comment. But I must also say that the competition has evolved considerably, that it can really launch careers“.

Mika explains in particular that with streaming, everything has changed. Indeed, today, the winners of Eurovision are much more highlighted than before: “The streaming numbers of competing titles are huge. There is competition between artists but also between countries. It’s up to whoever puts on the most spectacular, most effective, most contemporary show”. As you can see, the singer therefore changed his tune.

Who is the big winner of this edition?

Ukraine won Eurovision, thanks to the song Stefania by the group Kalush Orchestra and thanks to a plebiscite of the public vote. The country, which is currently at war with Russia, has moved ahead of Britain and Spain. France, which had sent the Breton group Alvan and Ahez, failed in the penultimate place. With their song in Breton, Fulenn, the French struggled to convince international jurors and viewers, who only awarded them 17 points in total. 9 points from the international juries and 8 from the public.

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