Mika: His crazy experience as a presenter of Eurovision 2022 in Italy

This Saturday, May 14 is a big day! It’s the Eurovision final, and it will be broadcast live on France 2 at 9 p.m. According to the predictions, Ukraine would be the favorite of this new season. France, meanwhile, still according to the predictions, would be ranked in 12th place. With only a 1% chance of winning, Alvan & Ahez is unlikely to bring victory to France. But despite the bad forecasts, Mika is very happy to not only attend Eurovision, but above all to present the show! It was one of the dreams of the former jury of The Voice. And he realizes it today! The singer is very happy and proud to take the stage of this prestigious competition and present it. Mika is on a little cloud in Turin, Italy, and makes an Instagram post to tell about his wonderful experience.

Mika backstage at Eurovision

Yesterday, Mika released a new single called “Yo-Yo”, available on all platforms! A nice surprise for the fans. The singer writes: I wanted to write a song that could make you cry and dance at the same time. A song to appease the world. Something that would always be there to comfort you. I wrote this for you » . We love ! This new title is already a huge success. The artist thanks his fans from Turin, on the set of Eurovision.

ⓒ Instagram @mikainstagram

On Instagram, Mike reveals behind the scenes of the great Eurovision Song Contest. He writes : ” What an incredible and unforgettable experience it has been to present Eurovision in Turin, Italy so far. Take a look behind the scenes of the semi-finals in the latest episode of MIKAVISION on Youtube » . The artist is happy, and it shows! Fans love it and comments are flying, happy to see their favorite singer present such a contest. Stay tuned to find out the name of the big winner of Eurovision 2022. And you, what are your predictions?

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