Mike Blümer refers to Hartz IV and accuses ex Melanie Müller of this

Does Mike Blümer have to get Hartz IV because of Melanie Müller? He’s definitely accusing her of that. But she fights back and says he should take care of himself.

the essentials in brief

  • Melanie Müller received serious accusations from her ex.
  • Now the 33-year-old is publicly defending herself against the statements.
  • She doesn’t want to pay him child support.

The public War of the Roses continues. Now Melanie Müller has struck another blow.

It’s not easy for her right now. Her ex-husband Mike Blümer has stated that she has to apply for Hartz IV. Now the “Reality” star is defending himself publicly.

“It is true that we quarreled before the end of our relationship. And that noticeable irregularities in my company were also the subject of these disputes.” So she explains the situation to “RTL” in an open letter.

The 33-year-old does not want to pay him maintenance, but why? “Mike can now live his life and start again professionally. Even if it’s only a short distance to retirement.”

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