Mike Brant: why is the Parisian street where he died “cursed”?

In 1975, Mike Brant died tragically and quite mysteriously in rue Erlanger, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Years later, other terrible events took place on this same street. Everyone then says of her that she is cursed, we explain to you why.

This death was one of the most significant among those of French singers. On April 25, 1975, Mike Brant fell from the 6th floor of his friend Jeanne Cacchi’s apartment, at 6 rue Erlanger, and succumbed to his injuries.His relatives thought of suicide, but the accident remains very mysterious today.

After the misunderstood death of the singer, rue Erlanger was the scene of many other atrocious events. This accumulation of horrors has given this place in the 16th arrondissement the reputation and the name of the most cursed street in Paris.

Two other sordid cases also took place in rue Erlanger

A few years after the death of the interpreter of Let me Love You, in 1981, a new affair shakes the calm of rue Erlanger. On June 11, a 32-year-old Japanese student named Issei Sagawa and living at 10 rue Erlanger, killed a 24-year-old Dutch girl he had invited to his home. If the act of the crime in itself is already sufficiently horrible and reprehensible, the worst is yet to come: after killing the young woman with a firearm, the Japanese subsequently dismembered her and then ate his flesh. Since that day, the man is known as the “cannibal Japanese” but was found not responsible for his actions and was released after a dismissal. He was subsequently extradited to Japan.

In 2019, rue Erlanger experienced another tragedy, and consolidated its reputation as a cursed street. On the night of February 4-5, a drunk, psychotic 40-year-old woman was making a lot of noise, and was scolded by her neighbor. She then said to him: “Look me straight in the eye. You who love flames, it will make you very funny when it will explode.” She then set fire to the building on rue Erlanger half an hour later, and the fire killed ten people.

These three dramas, of a totally different nature but still just as horrible, thus gave Rue Erlanger its reputation as a cursed street.

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