Mike Tyson accused of rape: the alleged victim claims a very large sum

Not a month goes by without new controversy for mike tyson. A true boxing legend, the 56-year-old made a name for himself in the 80s, quickly becoming one of the sport’s biggest stars. A mind-blowing career that was accompanied by a very atypical personality, making the native of New York a real phenomenon. Retired since the early 2000s, he tried to put on the gloves again in 2020, but simply for an exhibition fight for charity. If everything is going pretty well in the life of the former athlete, the start of the year is much more delicate than it seems.

As reported by the Times Union of Albany and relayed by Sports Illustrated, Mike Tyson has been on trial since the beginning of January for very serious offenses. A woman accuses the boxer of sexually abusing her in the early 1990s while they were in Albany, the state capital of New York. When he was supposed to take her to a party, the champion allegedly behaved badly once in the car and he allegedly “started kissing her, ignored her pleas to stop, took her pants off” before raping her, as the complainant says. As damages, the plaintiff is claiming $5 million from the former world boxing champion.

The complainant prefers to remain anonymous, fearing the repercussions

In her testimony, the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous because she fears being “attacked by the media and all the fans”, specifies that she had many physical and psychological consequences as a result of this event. In this case, even if the facts go back more than 30 years, a New York State law, the Adult Survivors Act, allows potential victims to sue their alleged attackers, regardless of the age of the facts.

After appearing very weakened last August, Mike Tyson has still not spoken following the revelations of the press on this trial.

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