Mike Tyson filmed hitting a passenger who bothered him on a plane

Mike Tyson was caught on camera punching a passenger who appeared to be bothering him on a plane.

Former U.S. heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson lashed out at a passenger who appeared to be bothering him aboard a plane, leaving him with bruises on his face, reported Thursday TMZ . On a video posted on social networks, we can see “Iron Mike” punching a passenger behind his seat. The incident happened before a flight Wednesday from San Francisco to Florida, the tabloid said.

The 55-year-old former boxer allegedly started hitting the passenger minutes after boarding. A person present during the altercation clarified that the passenger behind Mike Tyson was frantically trying to talk to the boxer. Mike Tyson would then have asked him to calm down, in vain, before he himself lost his temper and turned around to hit him. A photo of the incident broadcast on TMZ also shows the passenger with traces of blood on his temple.

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The former champion disembarked from the plane in stride, according to TMZ, which claims that the passenger filed a complaint. Contacted by AFP, the San Francisco police, the airline JetBlue and the agency representing Mike Tyson did not react immediately.

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