Milena López clarified if she will leave Colombia after the shocking robbery of which she was a victim; she showed pictures of how her house was

Milena López and her sentimental partner left thousands of people speechless on digital platforms, after making an unexpected complaint on December 24, during the Christmas celebration. The remembered presenter of Very good days She used her official accounts of these scenarios and commented that she was the victim of a robbery, which marked her a lot.

According to what was revealed that day, the former member of the morning newspaper, led by Jota Mario Valencia, commented that she was going through a bitter Christmas, after three hooded men with knives entered and assaulted her on the night of December 23. home.

Milena Lopez
Milena López, victim of a terrifying robbery in Bogotá. – Photo: Instagram @smilelopez

After this strong experience that Milena López lived with her family, the question of many users on social networks focused on whether the presenter would move from Colombia or if she would continue in the country, despite what happened. Despite the fact that she launched a particular question on Twitter about her experience, the businesswoman also decided to break the silence and clarify her plans for the future.

Photo: Instagram @smilelopez
Milena López revealed how hard it was to go through this situation with her family. Photo: Instagram @smilelopez – Photo: Photo: Instagram @smilelopez

According to what was recorded in an interview that the Colombian granted to Networkof Snail TelevisionAt the moment, López does not plan to move permanently from the country, since he has several matters that depend on his presence here. With the complaint and the investigation underway, the content creator took the opportunity to give details of what comes to her life.

The woman from Manizale indicated that she would be in Miami for a while, due to projects that her husband has there, but nothing is directly related to the robbery and the harsh situation they went through. The model also clarified that she did not want to disassociate herself from Colombia, since she had built a solid path, generating employment and work.

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Instagram @smilelopez – Photo: Instagram @smilelopez

No, because with my husband we have plans to be in Miami because he has plans to open restaurants there, but it is not a consequence of the robbery. I don’t want to disconnect from Colombia, my work is here, you are someone here and in the United States you are nobody. I want to continue working in the country, I have two businesses here, I create employment here and I want to continue working for my country”, he said on the show.

In the same way, Milena López pointed out that she will not move from the place where she lives, since she had a thought about the changes that will generate a better country. The businesswoman indicated that her partner was very affected by this, but they already reinforced the security of the building and were fighting against the memories.

The security of the building in general has been strengthened. The decision is not to leave, for now, I feel that one must continue working for a better country. My husband is very traumatized, I had already experienced situations of insecurity in Bogotáthe trauma is very strong, one is left with a lot of fear for this type of experience, ”he mentioned.

The presenter shared photos of the scenes that this robbery left in her home.

The millionaire that would have been stolen from Milena López in her own home

Milena López gave an interview with the gossip program I know everythingof channel onein which he revealed detail by detail how the three hooded men entered his home, which is surrounded by wire cables with electricity that could not stop the criminals, because they, within their evil professionalism, managed to enter the property through a tiny window through which not even the woman from Manizaleña can get through.

The first to be tied up and immobilized was Milena’s husband, who was intimidated with knives. They then seized López so that she would be the one to tell the thugs the locations of all the luxury items they had, including jewelry, televisions, electronic devices, mobile devices and other objects that could later be resold.

Milena Lopez
Photo: Instagram @smilelopez – Photo: Photo: Instagram @smilelopez

But there was a matter that dismayed Milena even more and it was the specific request of the criminals, who in the midst of the confusion and fear that the situation entailed, asked the presenter for the exact coordinates of the supposed 500 million pesos that would be kept in that house.

Obviously, neither Milena nor her husband had that amount of money physically, nor anywhere in their home, so the thieves settled for what they found, such as the couple’s watches and engagement rings, which at all times they feared for his life and that is why they collaborated so that said robbery came to an end as soon as possible.

When you see a knife on top, you say: ‘this is the day of my death’. Being at home, in your bed, watching television, calm, and that at any moment a guy arrives with a knife in his hand doing this to you (a gesture of making silence) and all dressed in black, hooded… I said: ‘This is the last day of my life, that is, I am going to die here,’” López declared in the clip that can be seen on the program’s official Instagram account.